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Visit so called Little Paris and plan your trip full of destinations, which are a must see, healing springs and spas, great restaurants, culture events and unforgettable places.
There are a lot of sights waiting for you in the center of Teplice, here you will learn something about them
the Spa
Teplice has been a spa town since the beginning of the first mentions in its history
The city of emperors and kings, the city of thousands of stories ..
Teplice CARD
For individuals
For individuals
400,- CZK
For family
For family
1.100,- CZK
You will<br>visit the most<br>interesting places
You will
visit the most
interesting places
Teplice CARD


Teplice CARD will guide you through Teplice and you will save money!

1x 4x Ride with train Humboldt Botanical garden circuit
1x 4x Ride with CabrioBus to Doubravka
1x 4x Entry to the observation tower
1x 4x Entry to the Saint Clari remains
1x 4x Entry to the Teplice castle
1x 4x Entry to the Botanical garden Teplice
1x 4x Guided tour of the FK Teplice stadium (every Monday at 02.30 PM)
1x 1x Guided turistic app
1x 2x Beer in brewery Monopol
1x 1x 100,- CZK voucher in SC Galerie Teplice *
1x 2x Free espresso with paid desert(s) in Café Restaurant Beethoven **

And also with the Teplice CARD from our partners you will get a discounted price for their services!

Dům Kultury
10% discount on film performances incl. summer cinema performances 10% discount on electric bike rental
AQUACENTRUM Teplice 20% discount on admission for individuals, family admission ***
Cirkus Park
Olympia Teplice
20% discount on
children's admission ****
Sportovní hala
50% discount on beach volleyball court rental
EuroCamp Barbora 50% discount on paddleboard rental
Hotel Prince
de Ligne
Discount 500,- CZK for the night *****
Hotel Payer Discount 200,- CZK for the night *****
Golf resort Barbora Discount 200,- CZK for golf fees and products
* Pick up your gift voucher worth 100,- CZK at the SC Galerie Teplice information stand

The OLDEST spa in the Czech lands

A swineherd who grazed his pigs every day also had one pig in his herd that always lagged behind the others because it limped. That is why he was not initially surprised at all that it got lost from time to time. After some time, the swineherd noticed that the pig stopped limping and was even livelier than the others. It still separated from the herd every day and so one day the swineherd decided to trail it to find out where it went to and what was behind its miraculous recovery. He followed the pig as far as a place where a hot spring rose from the ground. The pig was wallowing contentedly in the mud there. As soon as he came back home with his herd, he hurried over to yeoman Kolostůj, to whom that region belonged, to tell him what he had seen. Kolostůj founded a town in the same place which later began to be called Teplice.

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50 minutes
Train Humboldt Throughout your guided tour you will visit the most interesting places
100,- CZK Book
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30 minutes
Lookout tower It provides more surprises than spectacular view of the city
50,- CZK Find out more
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30 minutes
Saint Clari People from all over the world come to admire the remains of the saint patron of spas and marriages
70,- CZK Find out more