On the hill Doubravka was in ancient times a sacred place where the gods were worshiped. But there was also an evil witch who screamed the beasts away with a terrible cry and charmed and killed anyone who got lost in the surrounding forests. It was not until one day that a brave knight set out for the mountain. The witch used all her strength to defeat him. A huge storm broke out, knocking stones from the mountain, after which there are still holes on the slope. The knight finally managed to pull the witch down with her spear, and where she landed, her footprints and claws remained pressed against one of the stones.

It is said that a beautiful magical herb also grows on the slopes of Doubravka. No one knows what it looks like, but if this flower is plucked by someone with a pure heart, he shows him a secret corridor that leads to Kyšperk and transports it to a mysterious world. The herb is said to grow once every fifty years, so be careful not to miss it!

And to make matters worse, it is said that the mythical knights also sleep in the mountain, who, as in Blaník, are waiting for the Czech nation to be at their worst, then to go out and save it.

It is said that they also see a headless horseman who leaves Doubravka at midnight and disappears in the already mentioned secret corridor near Kyšperk Castle. But if he is one of the mysterious knights, you will have to find out  by yourself.

Our KabrioBus Payer regularly goes to Doubravka Castle on the top of Doubravská mountain - ride to the top!

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Duchcov, Cableway and UNESCO There are many interesting things hidden in Teplice surroundings, for example one of the most important mining shafts - shaft Starý Martin, part of UNESCO
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