Up to the Mountain Tops

Up to the Mountain Tops

You will visit:
Doubravka Hill, Růžový hrádek (Rose Castle, Krupka), Komáří vížka Hill and the Komáří vížka Chair Lift

Time of the tour - 3 hours
Price per person 200,- CZK
Reduced price (children) 110,- CZK
Length 35 Km
Without a tourist guide

The trip will take place only if the reservation is made for minimally 10 people on a given day at a given time.

The trip can be booked for Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, the meeting point  in VisitTeplice at 10:15am.

Entrance fee is not included in the tour price

About the trip

Get on the bus with us and we will take you to the amazing points of view at Teplice. The Doubravka Hill will offer you a view of the beautiful spa town of Teplice and the Ore Mountains and from Komáří vížka you can admire the picturesque foothills of the Ore Mountains.

The Doubravka castle was built by Jan Ilburk of Vřesovice between 1478 and 1486 during the 15th and 16th centuries, when Teplice was significantly influenced by the Vřesovice family. It burned down in 1626. During the Thirty Years' War, in 1644, it was demolished by an order of the emperor. As a popular romantic place with a beautiful view, the ruins were repaired in the years 1884-1885, a restaurant was built, and a lookout tower was built at the place of one of the bastions. The building is operated by radio amateurs. From Doubravka, our tour will lead to Krupka. The Krupka Municipal Monument Zone awaits you, which Husitská Street used to be the center of the town life in the Middle Ages and later. A typical picture of the historical core of Krupka thus forms a street square with churches, a castle and a statue of St. Franciscus Xaverius. From here, the bus will take you to Komáří Vížka, formerly called MÜCKBERG, which means a capricious or haunted mountain. The history of this 806 m high mountain is connected with the history of tin mining as well as with the history of ST. WOLFGANG. The German legend of mosquitoes originated much later in the Romantic period. Initially, only tin and later copper were mined here. The peak is a significant dominant of the Ore Mountains range. On the way down, you will board the longest chairlift in Eastern Europe and enjoy the beautiful views of the valley, or you can go down with us again by bus. In Krupka, we will pick up excursionists who have decided to travel down by the cableway and then we will go back to Teplice.

Trip plan

10:30am departure from Zámecké náměstí
10:50am Doubravka Hill
11:10am departure to Krupka
11:30am Krupka center and Růžový hrádek (Rose Castle)
12:00pm departure to Komáří vížka Hill
12:10pm Komáří vížka Hill
01:00pm departure (cableway or bus)
01:30pm cableway: the lower stop
02:00pm Teplice, Zámecké náměstí (Chateau Square)

Up to the Mountain Tops