Duchcov, Lanovka and Unesco

Duchcov, Lanovka and Unesco

You will visit:
Little castle Krupka,  The Starý Martin Mine - Unesco, Komáří vížka, Cable lift from Komáří vížka, Duchcov Chateau

Time of the tour - 5,5 hours (time of the drive 1 hour)
Price per person 450,- CZK
Reduced price (children) 390,- CZK
Length 30 Km
Guided tour

The trip will take place only if the reservation is made minimum of 10 people on a given day at a given time.

The trip can be booked only on Tuesdays and Sundays, always at 10:30pm.

Entrance fee is not included in the tour price

About the trip

There are many hidden places in Teplice and its surroundings that even the Czechs themselves have no idea about. We have prepared for you a selection of the most interesting places that can be seen during the guided tour in a few hours. We will start the whole trip with a visit of the medieval ruins of the Rose Castle from the beginning of the 14th century. You will walk through one of the most important old mining works of the Krupska district: the Starý Martin Mine, registered in UNESCO. You will have the opportunity to go by the longest cable lift in Eastern Europe without an intermediate station and you can enjoy a beautiful view from Komáří Vížka. You will also visit the Duchcov Chateau, where the well-known globetrotter and lover of women Casanova devoted his last years to writing his memoirs. The whole trip is commented by our guide.

Town historical monument zone of Kupka - Husitská street used to be the center of the town life in the Middle Ages and later. A typical picture of the historical core of Krupka thus forms a street square with churches, a castle and a statue of St. Franciscus Xaverius.

The Starý Martin Mine is one of the most important old mining works in the Krupka district. It opens the northwestern part of the Lukáš vein, which in the distant past belonged to the most important tin ore veins and with its indicative length of 2 km was the longest in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. As part of the Mining Cultural Landscape Project of the Ore Mountains, the Starý Martin Mine, as part of the Preisselberg district, has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. On January 29, 2015, the Starý Martin Mine and the Dürrholz Heritage Gallery were declared a cultural monument.

In earlier times it was called MÜCKBERG, which means a capricious or haunted mountain. The history of this 806 m high mountain is connected with the history of tin mining as well as with the history of ST. WOLFGANG. The German legend of mosquitoes originated much later in the Romantic period. Initially, only tin and later copper were mined here. The peak is a significant dominant of the Ore Mountains range.

The decision is yours! Choose the option of taking the longest two-seater cable lift from Komáří Vížka or continue down by bus. The fare by the cable lift is not included in the price, as this option may not be chosen by all participants and the operation of the cable lift may be closed in bad weather.

In Duchcov the Casanova tour of the chateau maps the collecting activities of the original owners from the Wallenstein family in the six rooms of the northern wing of the chateau, where the restored chateau museum is located. The second part of the tour is the Billiards Wing, in which you will learn many interesting facts from life at the chateau from the period of Giacomo Casanova's stay. The famous seducer, adventurer and globetrotter had his service apartment here as a companion and librarian of Count Josef Karel Emanuel of Wallenstein, the founder of the mentioned chateau museum.

Trip plan

10:30am departure from Zámecké náměstí, Teplice
10:50am tour of the town historical  monument zone of Krupka - Husitská street, Rose Castle
11:20am departure to the Starý Martin Mine
11:30am UNESCO tour in the mine Starý Martin
12:45pm departure to Komáří Vížka
01:00pm Komáří Vížka, possibility of lunch
02:00pm cable lift from Komáří Vížka (not included in the tour price)
03:00pm visit of the chateau park (for free) or a tour in Duchcov Chateau (not included in the price)
04:00pm departure to Teplice
04:30pm arrival to Teplice - Chateau Square

Duchcov, Lanovka and Unesco