Beer Tour

Beer Tour

You will visit:
Ossegg, Zichovec, Svatý Štěpán, Monopol

Time of the tour - 6,5 hours (time of the drive 2,5 hours)
Price per person 790,- CZK
Length 152 Km
Guided tour

The trip will take place only if the reservation is made minimum of 10 people on a given day at a given time.

The trip can be booked only on Fridays, always at 01:00pm.

Entrance fee is not included in the tour price

About the trip

Come with us for a tour of excellent small breweries accompanied by a tasting of local beer and an insider's interpretation of our guide. We will visit four breweries, which are definitely worth it.

We will go from Teplice to the beautiful Osek monastery, where the OSSEGG brewery is located. From its very beginning, Osek brewing has been connected to the Cistercian Abbey of Osek. The first commendable mention of Osek beer comes from the pen of Abbot Knittl and is dated from 1645. The sweet smell of the mash hovered in Osek until 1946, when the brewery was closed as a result of post-war events. After a forced rest, which lasted almost for 70 years, the brewery is back in a good form and from the brewhouse the smell of boiled malt and Žatec hops emanates . The brewery craft is again where it belongs, where it has roots, where genius loci gives fully its beauty for others. Here you have one small beer in the price of this tasting trip.

Our next trip will lead to Louny, the Zichovec family brewery, founded in 2012, where you can taste a large number of specials in addition to classic beers, both bottom fermented and especially top fermented beers. The impetus for the establishment of the brewery was dissatisfaction with the taste of unified products of multinational breweries and an important role also played  the roots and memory of the ancestor, the Zichovec reeve  named Krahulík, who ran the famous inn in Panenský Týnec.  A tour of the brewery and a tasting set are prepared for you in the Louny beer bar, both are included in the price of the trip.

Another goal of our trip is the Bishop's Brewery in Litoměřice, where beer is produced using basic and regional raw materials and modern brewing technology. Litoměřice water, malt from the Ferdinand malt house and Žatec hops. As they say in the brewery, "That's it. Nothing more, nothing less." You will taste three types of local beer here, which are included in the price.

We will end our journey in Teplice in the Monopol brewery, in a house that was built around 1850 and was used as an inn, later also as VARIETE zum SCHWAN (Variety at the Swan). Monopol produces honest beers of the lager type by classic Czech technology. Beer in Monopol is produced minimally for 32 days. During one day the beer is brewed, for seven days the main fermentation takes place on the spilt with the help of the yeast of lower fermentation, and the beer ripens in lager tanks at least for 25 days, like a proper lager. A tasting set, which is again included in the price, is prepared  here for you.

There our tour ends and it will be up to you whether you stay in the Monopol brewery or you discover something else besides beer here in Teplice. Teplice is an undiscovered gem of Northern Bohemia, a town of thousands of stories and secrets.

Trip plan

01:00pm departure from Teplice
01:20pm Ossegg Brewery
02:20pm departure from Osek
03:20pm Zichovec Brewery - Louny
04:20pm departure from Zichovec, Louny
05:00pm Saint Stephen Brewery
06:00pm departure to Teplice
06:40pm Monopol Brewery
07:40pm end of the tour

Beer Tour