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Sanatorium Europa

A dermatological surgery and practitioner of the European Dermatological Academy for hair treatment: state-of-the-art methods for solving medical and aesthetic skin problems – from the removal of birthmarks, scars, spots, freckles and the treatment of other undesirable skin manifestations to effective rejuvenation and the reduction of wrinkles. The cosmetic department operates in close cooperation with doctors – treatments are carried out by a nurse-cosmetologist, and besides traditional cosmetic procedures clients can also make use of special dermo-cosmetic programmes focusing on specific problems.

The department of massages provides a wide choice of massages (Thai massages, reconditioning and relaxation massages, classic massages, Indian massages, sports massages, hot stone massages, cupping therapy etc.). Services at Sanatorium Europa include pedicures and manicures, a station for balneotherapy and poulticing, and special equipment, poultices and baths intended for slimming and figure shaping, including taping etc.

The choice of services is supplemented with the option to buy special dermatological, cosmetic and other products for health and beauty care (also available through our e-shop at

Clients visiting from other areas can make use of pleasant accommodation (or special wellness stays) in the nearby Sanatorium Europa guest house . All services can also be given as a present via a gift voucher.

Contact us in person, by phone, by e-mail or through Facebook Messenger for more information – we will be pleased to give you advice!


Address: Pod Doubravkou 13, 415 01 Teplice
Phone: +420 417 532 672+420 603 501 306
Fax.: +420 472 742 253

Opening hours:
 Mon - Fri 08:00am - 05:00pm

     (after 5:00 p.m. + weekends: if booked in advance)