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An Old Slavonic village in dramatic hilly territory. Bořislav lies on a hillside, which gives it a noticeable dominant position, intensified by a Baroque church. This church with its mighty bell tower is a prominent landmark and can be seen from the E 55 main road from Teplice to Lovosice. The village is situated 10km to the southeast of Teplice.


From ancient history:  

Based on archaeological finds, a settlement in the cadastre of the current village of Bořislav was probably founded as early as the hillfort period. The oldest accounts of its existence date back to 1169, when King Vladislaus II donated “duas villas in provincia Belinensi dictas Borizlaue et Hribovici” (two villages in the Bílina province called Bořislav and Hrbovice) to a hospital of the Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem. Vladislaus’s deed documents that as early as the mid-12th century a settlement existed on the site of the present-day village of Bořislav, which is supposed to, based on some sources, have been founded by the noted local North Bohemian dynasty of Hrabišic. The village name Borizlau, Borizislau, Borzyslaw or later Boreslau is said to have been formed by a derivation of the proper name Borizlaus – Bořislav’s, as a designation of the court of its first owner – Bořislav. In the following decades, Bořislav was taken from the Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem and returned to it again several times by the ruler before it came into the possession of the Teplice Benedictine convent in the late 13th century.