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The Astronomical Observatory of Teplice

Since 1963, a public astronomical observatory has been located on the Sand Hill in Teplice, where the sun or objects in the night sky can be observed by good telescopes if the weather is good.
The North Bohemian Observatory and Planetarium of Teplice has been a contributory organization of the Ústí Region since 2003. Its mission is to popularize knowledge about astronomy and other natural sciences, but it is also involved in the research of the European Space Agency (ESA), which is dedicated to the detection of satellites and space debris. In 2018 the observatory on the Sand Hill underwent a complete reconstruction.

If you go to the observatory in bright weather, you can observe the Sun by two telescopes: one can see the photosphere and the sunspots, the other the solar chromosphere, the active areas and the solar protuberances. From the outlook point there are beautiful views of the town and the surrounding countryside.
During the evening observations, visitors can observe a variety of other objects: the planets of the solar system are impressive, especially the Venus crescent, Saturn with rings, Jupiter with dark zones on its surface. Beautiful objects from the deep space are binary stars, nebulae, open and globular clusters and distant galaxies. On the surface of the Moon, we can discern mountain ranges, craters, moon seas and more, especially when the Moon phase is around the first quarter.

The observatory in Teplice is open to the public all the year, regardless of the weather. The evening observations are held every Friday and Saturday after twilight, the daily observations on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. The observation time can vary depending on the season and it should be verified on the website before visiting. In case of the bad weather there is a tour of the observatory and a substitute program in the cinema.
The observatory is located on the Sand Hill and is best accessible on foot from the north where the public transport bus stop Panorama is or from the west where the botanical garden is. For groups of ten or more people it is possible to arrange an appointment in advance out of the opening hours.


Opening hours (times vary according to season):
• Evening observations: Friday and Saturday (after twilight)
• Afternoon observation: Saturday and Sunday
Address: Písečný vrch 2517, 415 01 Teplice
Telephone: (+420) 773 791 438


Planetarium Teplice

In 1995 a new planetarium was opened in Teplice, which can be found about 1 km north of the Teplice observatory in the primary school of the Šanov II housing estate. By the device of the planetarium, visitors can get closer to the constellations and beauty of the night sky, regardless of the weather and the day time. The programs also serve as a complement of  teaching pupils in primary and secondary schools. The Planetarium is a part of the North Bohemian Observatory and Planetarium of Teplice, which has been established since 2003 by the Ústí Region.
The planetarium is equipped with the ZKP-2 (Zeiss Kleine Planetarium), which displays images of 5,000 stars, Sun, Moon and 5 planets, the Milky Way, comet, satellite, schematic of the Solar System and the Zodiac, meteor, morning and evening twilight on the 10-meter dome. The planetarium is complemented by a data projector for large-screen projection and a colorful panorama of Teplice. The hall capacity is 60 seats.

Opening hours for the public are every Wednesday and Sunday from 7pm, and a fairy tale for children, usually associated with information about constellations, is projected every Sunday from 2pm.
When using public transport you can get off at the Panorama or Šanov II bus stop, you can park your car in the nearby car parking place. For groups of ten or more people it is possible to arrange an appointment in advance out of the opening hours.

Opening hours:
• Wednesday 19:00
• Sunday 14:00 (for children) and 19:00
Address: Koperníkova 3062, 415 01 Teplice
Telephone: (+420) 773 791 439