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Teplice Castle

Buildings of the castle today occupy half of the square and captivate visitors by their Classicist appearance from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries when the demesne belonged to the Clary-Aldringen family and the town was referred to as Little Paris. But when you walk through the entire castle, you go back in time to the past via the Renaissance conversions from the owners during the Kinsky dynasty during the period of 1590–1634 as well as via the late Gothic castle owners from the Vřesovec family documented in the year 1478 until you encounter the Gothic style of the 13th and 14th centuries on the eastern tip of the castle buildings.However,there you reach the Romanesque foundations from the period of 1158–1164. The first building owner on the castle grounds in the 12th century was a woman – the Bohemian Queen Judith of Thuringia, who founded a Benedictine convent above hot springs. After becoming a widow, the Bohemian queen lived in the convent for a certain period of time and as documented by findings from the mid-20th century, as the founder of the convent, she was buried there.