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Stone Spa

From the second half of the 18th century, so-called “healing water” was utilised to a much greater extent also in the nearby village of Šanov, where several spa buildings were erected above the places where the springs rose: Hadí (Snake Spa), Štěpánovy (Stephen’s Spa) (also called Tempelbad), Vojenské (Military Spa) and Kamenné lázně (Stone Spa). The individual buildings were rebuilt and extended over the course of the 19th century, which is true mainly of the Stone Spa that until 1800, consisted of a mere wooden structure covered with a shingle roof. During 1800–1802, Mayor Eckert had a new stone-and-brick building constructed. However, the lovely Empire-style edifice was replaced by a magnificent Pseudo-Baroque construction with Classicism and late Art Nouveau features based on the plans of the architects Jirsch and Arnim in 1911–1912. It was known as the Empress Elizabeth Spa (Lázně císařovny Alžběty) during that period.