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Spa Lane (Lázeňská ulička)

The lovely lane is made up of a row of original town houses with house signs. The owners used to have shops and craftsman’s workshops on the ground floors and they liked to provide their rooms for spa guests’ accommodation in the summer season. It was in the inconspicuous house called Zlaté slunce (The Golden Sun) that the composer Ludwig van Beethoven wrote the famous “Letter to the Immortal Beloved” in 1812. Scholars have been researching for two hundred years which woman was the recipient of the letter ending with ewig Dein, ewig Mein. In the adjacent Empire-style house, “U zeleného kříže” (At the Green Cross), bookseller Spengler operated the first public reading room and book rental in Teplice from the 1830s to the 1860s. The three-storey house, Zlatý pelikán (The Gold Pelican) (74/3), stood there as early as 1696 and it was rebuilt in an Empire style in 1833. The house Zlatá harfa (The Golden Harp) (75/4) acquired its appearance following a large fire in the town in 1793 with further repair work taking place in 1897. A commemorative plaque remembering Ludwig van Beethoven’s stay is placed on the house. Nowadays, the houses are adapted and interconnected with the spa complex of the Ludwig van Beethoven Spa.