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Seume Chapel (Chapel of the Finding of the Holy Cross)

The Baroque Chapel of the Finding of the Holy Cross was built by the Teplice builder Kristian Lagler (1668–1741) in the middle of the town cemetery (today called Havlíček Park) during the period from 1728 to 1730. It is a single-nave, orthogonally terminated tiny structure. The face is decorated with pilasters and a pediment with scrolls.

According to an inscription on the consecration plate, the foundation stone of the chapel dedicated to the Holy Cross and Virgin Mary of Seven Sorrows was consecrated in 1730. According to oral legend, women would go there to plead for the birth of a child as recently as the mid-20th century. A cemetery used to be situated around the chapel, which is commemorated by two interesting tombstones that have survived. One of them is from 1696 and commemorates the wife of the commissioner Kilián Josef Miebes from Světec and the other one commemorates Marie Elisabeth Helmová and dates back to 1741.

Metal plates with the names of the officers that were buried there after the Battle of Chlumec in 1813 were installed at the entrance in 1913. The grave of the mayor and composer Wolfram has been preserved as well. The name Seume Chapel has today become established based on the grave of and nearby monument to the poet and journalist J G Seume from 1895 which are still in existence. The chapel is used as an exhibition and lecture hall of the nearby Teplice library.