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“Rockery” (Skalka) Fountain

A memorial fountain commemorating natural healing water sources is located in Šanov Park next to the building of the Snake Spa. The fountain takes the form of a rockery from which water rises, and is surrounded by other rocks and rare trees. The year 1929 saw a major modernisation of the sources and systems of the distribution of thermal water in Teplice. This fountain, which is reminiscent of the original freely rising healing springs, was also built at this time. The original water source for this fountain was Horský pramen (“Mountain Spring”). The fountain was shut off in 1974. It was put into operation again after renovation in 2010. The supply of thermal water to the fountain was restored with the cooperation of the town and the spa. Thermal water from the Pravřídlo source now flows here. It is not suitable for drinking due to its slight radioactivity. Access to the fountain is via the same route as the one to the Horses fountain.