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Laube Square

A small square known as Mlýnské was formed on the town’s outskirts from the late 18th century (after 1945 it was called “Dimitrovovo”). The dominant feature of the square, the construction of the Hotel “U krále pruského” from the first third of the 19th century, was surpassed by the construction of the building of the “Emperor Franz Joseph Spa” in 1870–1872 based on a design by the architect Adolf Siegmund from Teplice. Richard Wagner stayed in the hotel during his second (1837) and third (1841) visits to the town. The famous geologist who was a palaeontologist, prof. Gustav Karl Laube (1839–1923), was born in the opposite house. In his scientific works he also dealt with his native region. He rushed in as an expert in 1879 when the Teplice springs disappeared following an inrush in the nearby Döllinger mine. He actually helped find them again.