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Hynie Fountain

Professor Ota Hynie (* 23rd March 1899 – † 19th December 1968) is ranked among top geologists.  Earth science became a big hobby of his as early as his studies at the Mining University in Příbram, and he began to devote himself fully to this science one year after finishing his studies. Although he occupied himself with nearly all branches of geology at the State Institute of Geology in Prague, he was most interested in applied geology. In 1952 he started work as a professor at Charles University, where he promoted links between classical natural sciences and technical ones. By that time, he was already focused on hydrogeology. He explored sites with healing water, not only in our country, but he was also often invited abroad as an expert. Sources of high-quality underground water and also basic knowledge of regional hydrogeology were improved thanks to his scientific capacity. He paid great attention to the protection of mineral springs from advancing mining operations.  

Professor Hynie published around one hundred scientific works and applied his ample experience in his principal work Hydrogeologie I and II, issued in 1961 and 1963, the extent of which is unparalleled worldwide. He wrote hundreds of pieces of expert information for the purposes of construction work. He is also the author of the Geological Map of the Czechoslovak Republic, on a scale of 1:500,000, from 1954. This ornamental fountain, which was created by sculptor Milan Žofka, is dedicated to this scientific personality who contributed to discovering and protecting thermal springs. The fountain consists of a circular basin, in the centre of which is a ceramic chalice from which water flows. The fountain is situated on a roundabout between the House of Culture and the Fontána and Galerie shopping centres.