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Fountain at the Stone Spa (Kamenné lázně)

In the past, the town of Teplice ranked among the most attractive towns in the country, not only for the monarchy but also for all people of Europe. Because of its significance at that time, notable personalities, not only from the art scene but also from the political scene, would choose to visit it. Such personalities as Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Ludwig van Beethoven, Tsar Peter the Great and also the newly-wed couple of Emperor Franz Joseph and the very young Elisabeth, considered to be the most charming sovereign couple of that time, are worth noting. After getting married on 24th April 1854 they set off on their honeymoon and it was the town of Teplice, nicknamed Little Paris or the Salon of Europe for its splendour and elegance, that they chose as their destination. Empress Sissi did not give precedence to the buildings of the town spa in the town centre, which today is the Beethoven Spa House, but preferred the original Stone Spa in Šanov, which was still a separate municipality at that time. It was only incorporated into Teplice in 1895. A new spa building, which opened in 1911 as the Empress Elisabeth Spa (Lázně Kaiserin Elizabeth) in honour of Sissi’s visit, was built in the same place. Also, there is the smallest fountain in Teplice, which takes the form of a small dragon, on the side of this building. The fountain consists of a small basin into which water from a gargoyle would originally flow. The fountain is currently not functioning. You can find it when looking across from the Pod Lampou restaurant.