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“AGC” Fountain

This ornamental fountain is located at the edge of the castle garden and was built in 1996 using a subsidy from AGC. The fountain serves to promote the company as one of the leading manufacturers of sheet glass. It is composed of a steel structure from which water falls downwards. In shape, it resembles the “Central Brain of Mankind” from the sci-fi series Návštěvníci (The Visitors). Thanks to its stand being hidden by water, the structure gives the impression that it is hovering and is only supported by the force of the streaming water. It was created by the academic painter Ivo Rozsypal. It symbolises glass manufacturing, which has made Teplice famous, in addition to the spas and football. There is a rest area near the fountain. A Beuron chapel, which is a unique work of art of European significance, stands near the fountain as well.