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Frédéric Chopin

Frédéric Chopin visited Teplice in the summer of 1829 as part of his return journey from Vienna to Warsaw, which he used for short stays in some Czech and German towns. In late August, he left Vienna for Prague with a few friends, from where he continued to Teplice where he stayed for three days to view the town and its environs. Chopin accepted the invitation of the aristocratic Clary-Aldringen family, and he held a small concert for princely company in Teplice Castle on the night of 24th August. It is said that it was Chopin’s first ever performance in Bohemia.

There is speculation that Chopin also gave a performance in Teplice Castle in 1831 when he was crossing the town, in all likelihood on his way from Carlsbad to Děčín. The speculation is based on a letter by Luisa Clary to her son Edmond which has been preserved, in which she says: “We had a short Russian – very nice, who played the piano brilliantly, at lunch for two successive days.” As Poland was considered a part of Russia in that period, the writer might have been referring to Chopin as a Russian. However, there are no records of him staying in Teplice at that time, so it is not possible to prove whether or not that “short Russian” was really Chopin.